The Spy Pen

on 9:00 AM

Daily deals are a great way to stay ahead of the game. What do I mean? Well, last week, the giveaway of the day was a spy pen. A spy pen, you ask? Yes, for recording secretly up to four hours of video at 640x480 resolution. And it writes smoothly with a nice amount of ink flow.

Ever really wanted to record a conversation, but never had any capabilities? Or perhaps you've seen miraculous events and wished that someone else were there because no one would possibly believe you if you simply told them about it? Or maybe you want to be the next youtube sensation? Or maybe you suspect a cheating spouse and want to catch her in the act? With a spy pen, all of your dreams can come true.

If you’re reading this now, chances are you missed the spy pen. But don’t get too down, there will be other gadgets and gizmos that are daily deals, some of them probably as cool as the spy pen. Maybe.

Buying Daily Deals Can Get You Some Sweet Rewards

on 9:00 AM

You’ve probably already noticed that one deal a day at is pretty awesome. And as we mentioned a few posts ago, the raffles for Daily Steals are second-to-none. So what could possibly do to make their fans love them even more?

The answer is Daily Steals reward tickets.

Getting reward tickets is incredibly easy. All you do is register for the website, sign up for the newsletter, purchase a giveaway of the day, and participate in the referral program. Since it’s hard NOT to tell everyone about Daily Steals, getting reward tickets will be a snap! The referral program is simple.

You invite friends using the referral link through Facebook, Twitter, uploading your email contact list, or entering their email addresses on the site. When friends register or purchase a daily deal via your referral links, you get tickets! The best part about Daily Steals tickets, is that they are redeemable for FREE STUFF! As long as you have rewards tickets in your Rewards account, you can spend them on the rewards items on the site, or use the tickets as ways into the weekly raffle.

So what are you waiting for? Spread the news and get some free goods.

Get Distracted by Daily Deals at Midnight!

on 9:00 AM

My friend recently told me about – and now I'm addicted! offers daily deals, and I totally get their philosophy. Basically, they believe it’s better to offer one product for sale each day at a great price, rather than loads of lousy, overpriced products. It’s too true!

Each day at midnight, yesterday’s giveaway of the day is taken off the website, and a new deal is put up. I’m a college student and a night-owl, so I’m usually up into the wee hours of the morning studying and working on papers – while easily being distracted by Facebook, Twitter and other stuff on the Internet. Lately, I’ve been checking before I go to bed, and, call me weird, but I get a little thrill at the sight of a new deal!

I recently purchased an Optical Senor Mouse for school through and it was only $1.99 – my kind of price. I’ve also bought my dad a father’s day present already – a cool Multi-Tool gadget with a flashlight, compass, cork screw, pliers, knife and screwdriver set. It was only $3.99 (but I won’t tell him that) and I know he’s going to love it!

Ah, – providing me with cheap school supplies, presents for family members, and late-night distractions. How did I ever survive without it?

Score a daily deal today

on 2:56 PM

Ok, so I’m a self-confessed bargain hunter, and I’m good at what I do. I’ve scored brand-new Gap sweaters for $2 in thrift stores, and snapped at antique furniture at garage sales. I know my local grocery stores back to front, so I know where to go to get grape juice or goat cheese at the best price. And yes, I’m one of those people who will "rescue" a nice-looking chair or chest of drawers left on sidewalk.

I get deals online too, and by far the best site I’ve discovered yet is, which offers one deal a day. The daily deals are so cool and I’ve picked up so much great stuff – and yes, it’s stuff that I actually need!

My clock radio died last month so I decided to watch for a few days to see if one came up – and, lucky for me, a Shower CD/Clock Radio With Digital LCD Display soon appeared as the giveaway of the day – for only $12.99! It’s such an awesome clock radio, which is water-proof with a fog-resistant mirror. It’s nice and portable and I can just sing along and listen to music when I’m in the shower in the morning.

Through, I’ve also picked up gifts for friends, a couple of mother’s day and father’s day gifts, and some new headphones for myself. My friends give me a hard time about my bargain-hunting ways, but do admit that I have a gift for finding good stuff for cheap!

Win a Week’s Worth of Daily Deals!!

on 9:00 AM

If you are one of the smart ones who bookmark, you probably spend all week marveling at all of the daily deals offered for unbelievable prices. Personally, I love being able to show off the cool stuff I bought, and then when people ask how much I paid…I blow their minds! and one deal a day has been my little secret for so long, but I haven’t been able to suppress my excitement lately. I have been shouting their good works from the rooftops. I thought they couldn’t get any cooler and then I discovered the Weekly Raffle. If you sign up for the Daily Steals newsletter, you are automatically entered to win. “Win what?” you may be asking yourself. Well young deal hunter, you could win a week’s worth of deals! That’s right, every deal of the day for that week.
Winners are notified via email, so be sure to use an actual address that you check and remove daily steals from your spam box.

Unfortunately, it’s only one entry per person, so don’t try any funny business like putting more than one email address in the entries. Also, remember that when you unsubscribe to the newsletters (why would you want to, you’re missing out on valuable deal news?!), you’re removing your name from the raffle.

I still haven’t won, but I’m keeping the dream alive and checking my inbox religiously. You should too!

Daily Steals' Variety is the Spice of Life

on 1:31 PM

I love variety in my life.
If things aren’t moving and changing I’m bored in the blink of an eye. So I have to keep things exciting in just about every area of my life or I will die of boredom. I’m not sure if dying of boredom is medically proven, but anyone who has experienced the pain being bored has felt death’s cold hand upon them.

In addition to having variety I need a thrill. Now I’m not talking about bungee jumping or sky diving (Strangely enough, I’m afraid of heights), I’m talking about little thrills in everyday life.
I online shop a lot because the internet has the best variety of stuff. I just get too bored with retail stores. They have the same stuff in stores for days and weeks at time! YAWN!

One day when I was scouring the web for new places to shop, I stumbled upon Daily Steals and the incredible one deal a day concept. This is a site after my own heart! Everyday, they have a giveaway of the day that could be anything from toys to electronics. has cured my boredom with shopping—I love not knowing what tomorrow’s deal is going to be.

Daily Deals are Good For Your Health!

on 9:00 AM

I have a chronic shopping condition. It’s called seeksalottadealsitis. Along with bouts of intense longing, wishfulness, general thrift and rapid index finger spasms, it’s hard for me to concentrate on whatever it is I may be doing because I’m constantly distracted by the potential of online deals. I know, I know, it’s terrible but if I’ve tried almost everything and none of it worked.

So I finally went to my doctor and he diagnosed me. He told me about this site, and said that this is my best way of overcoming my problem. If I should choose to ignore it, he said, I might go into states of glassy eyed paralysis, capable of only looking for deals by searching the internet. He said that daily deals are the only way to overcome and that if I visit this site, which offers one deal a day, I would heal. So I went home and started shopping. I saw electronics for low prices that sent me into a temporary fit, and my finger was unable to stop clicking as I shopped and bought. When I realized it was over, I felt an odd sensation. I hadn’t experienced it for years. It was the feeling of satisfaction.

So now, every day, I check for daily deals and buy what looks good. This allows me to feel safe in knowing that I am getting a deal, and that it’s coming in the mail. I have no desire to keep shopping. I’m cured.

Daily Deals at Daily Steals